Diana Burgess

Diana Burgess is one of our caring staff members that worked in an array of areas with animals in all her years of growing up.

Diana’s love of animals started off at a young age being raised on a farm and then at the age of 9 volunteering at a ranch, Saddle Brook Stables in Gratersford, Pennsylvania.

At first she started as a ranch hand and then through the years learning to train not only horses but their riders.

At age 14 she kept working at the ranch but also took on the duties at a local Veterinary office, Limerick Veterinary Hospital. Diana started out as a kennel attendant and in a few months was the youngest that ever worked there and given the title of Assistant Kennel Manager. The owner/Veterinary of Limerick Vet saw great potential in Diana and soon had her working on-call with him as a vet tech. Dr. Koenig taught her how to be a great vet tech. At age 16 Diana was the youngest vet tech to work at Limerick Vet.

She then started training w/Mary Rambo (a well-known dog trainer in that area) and also helped with the grooming at their facility. Diana learned the ins and outs with training and went on to great things at Limerick Vet. Her training expanded from basic/ puppy to obedience and then she became the go-to person in the area for behavioral training.

Diana not only has a love for animals and the situations they are in but also a great knowledge of animals.

Diana moved to Coeur d’Alene and now we are fortunate to have a great tech/trainer/ behavioral specialist on hand to assess and train here at Coeur d’Alene Pet Resort.