Doggie Daycare Passes – for One Dog

1 Day 5 Days 10 Days 20 Days
Full Day $25 $100 $180 $300
Half Day $17 $75 $120 $220

Doggie Daycare Passes – for Two Dogs

1 Day 5 Days 10 Days 20 Days
Full Day $40 $175 $280 $420
Half Day $27 $120 $200 $350

Doggie Daycare Passes – for Three Dogs

1 Day 5 Days 10 Days 20 Days
Full Day $50 $225 $390 $600
Half Day $37 $200 $300 $450

Overnight Rates – Per Night Which Includes Daycare

Island/Petite Suites Seaside Suites Luxury Suites
1 Dog $45 $50 $55
2 Dogs
$70 $75 $80
3 Dogs $80 $85 $90

Overnight Rates – Cat Condos

Commons Private
Cat $20 $25
2 Cats
$30 $35
3 Cats $40 $45

Daycare passes do not expire.

All major credit cards are accepted.

Payment is due at the time you pick up your special pet.


  • 10% after 7 days
  • 15% after 2 weeks

We offer discounts for longer stays and multiple pets.

Pet Grooming and Exit Baths

Ask about prices for an Exit Bath. Your pet will go home a “Fresh, Clean, and Tired dog”.

Click here to find out more about Grooming Services.

Pet Training

AKC Star Puppy, Basic Obedience, Sent Work, Rally and Private Lessons available; contact us for pricing.

Click here to find out more about our training support.


Peanut butter or yogurt-filled frozen Kongs while boarding or resting during daycare: $2.00

Enrichment Play

Activities, games, and toys designed to challenge dogs in structured activities and play in addition to daycare.
$10 per day 5 days $45 10 days $80 20 days $160

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