Summer Grooming Tips

Posted on: July 24th, 2018 by Gin Bahr

Summer Grooming Tips

The season for hikes, picnics, and water fun is in full swing. Here are some grooming tips for your outdoor-loving pooch. These tips are about keeping a close eye on the condition of your dogs’ skin, ears, and nails, solving small problems before they become big ones.

All dogs benefit from brushing. A dog’s best friend is a tool appropriate for his coat type, one that strips out loose hair so air can circulate against his skin. Regular and thorough brushing also prevents mats, which are not only painful but also trap heat and moisture and can result in skin infections

Summer is tick and flea season, which is another reason to be conscientious about brushing your dog regularly so you can check for these. Adding an extra bath or two is also a good summer strategy. Brush before and after, choose a shampoo that’s a good match for skin and coat type, lather once and rinse well.

Check your dog’s ears regularly, particularly if swimming is on his play list. Dogs whose ears fold over are prone to ear infections, which wet ears promote. After your dog takes a dip, wipe the inside earflap gently with a cotton ball. Check with your vet about drying agents that can be applied.

Pay attention to your pup’s paws. Check between his toes for ticks, foxtails, brambles or other debris, and trim his nails. Nails that are too long can chip and break, creating a painful condition that needs veterinary attention.

Applying these summer grooming tips will help keep your dog in good shape for more fun this summer. If you need some help, our groomers can assist you with nail trims, baths, and more. Give us a call at 208-667-4606. Also, check out our shampoo products in the lobby.