Teresa Eade

Teresa Eade graduated from Animal Behavior College, an internationally recognized and accredited college for those who desire to work with animals and their people. She specialized in dog training.

Teresa grew up in California, with much of her time spent working with horses, dogs, and livestock. For Teresa, co-existence and compatibility between people and animals has always been essential. Safety is number one, and establishing trust, respect, communication, manners, and boundaries with and between people and animals is a priority.

Today, Teresa carries her education and experience forward as a certified dog trainer. She has successfully raised and trained several puppies and dogs for other people, helping her canine students to become integral members of their families and society!

With love and passion, Teresa aspires to educate pets (and their owners) on how to have fun while becoming responsible members of their families and their communities. Her goals include: bringing more awareness of CGC (Canine Good Citizens) into the community, focusing on rescue and adoption, expanding and continuing her own dog training education, and helping to enrich the lives of canines and humans around her!