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Thank you for the superb care of our dogs by Nancy: Riley and Zoey - July 13th

Thank you for the superb care of our dogs. After 7 vacation days they were excited to see us, they were clean, shiny and very calm and content. They must have had a good time romping and playing with the very personable and authentic pet-loving staff and other well-cared dogs because they settled in for naps after we got them back home.

Thank you for your committment to loving and respecting and understanding what pets need. Weve reluctantly used other boarding services in the past when we were unable to have them with us and Paradise Pet Resort in the Spokane Valley rises above and beyond. R & Z may need to return for some daytime pet play for them now that they have had such a positive experience. If you are looking to have a worry-free vacation and need to board your pet…Paradise Pet Resort is a choice you can feel great about.

It is what it is! by Lanel T.

I am a self-proclaimed picky dog mom. My dog is spoiled and I dont apologize for it. When I was looking for a groomer for her I loved the thought of her being able to play all day instead of being locked in a cage so we went to CDA Pet Resort. Shes been going back almost every week since for day play (and baths). Every time we walk in the door shes greeted by name (not sure they know my name but they know her very well). When I pick her up the staff are great at telling me about her day (they know which dog is mine before I have to tell them who Im there to get) and are always very helpful. Then the fun part (for me) she falls asleep almost before were out of the parking lot…she always plays so hard that she sleeps great for the next day.

I have boarded both my dog and my parents dog. The last time my dog needed some ointment applied and they were great with making sure her ointment was applied. Her bag of stuff always come back neat and Ive never had anything missing or dirty. My parents dog is older and very grumpy so I was worried about leaving her but they have always been very understanding and patient with her and even she seems to enjoy her time there. The first time I brought the grumpy old dog I picked her up and she was in the office, I was sure she was in trouble but they had brought her up there because the little dogs were so playful it was making her nervous.

I would recommend (and have recommended) the Pet Resort to friends with dogs.

Cherokee & Tiki LOVE you! by Heather - June 10Cherokee & Tiki LOVE you! by Heather - June 10

Cherokee and Tiki, our Eurasiers of VERY different personalities/character, both absolutely love to go to your CdA Pet Resort and Pet Paradise in Spokane. When we bring them for daycare or a short holiday, Cherokee, who has wanderlust in a big way and is always trying to escape our fenced yard, cries to be let out of the car and then runs straight to the entrance to be let in. You don’t even need to worry about her running off – she has one thing in mind and that is to join her furry friends and the great staff on the other side of the door.

The second time we brought our shy Tiki, usually a big baby and real mommas boy who hides behind us or has to lean against us for moral support when hes confronted with strangers and strange dogs, trotted off with confidence and didnt even seem to notice that we had gone. The owners, trainers, and groomers really know their stuff and have answered lots of questions weve had as dog-owners. I highly recommend both places. Weve brought them more times to the resort in CdA because its been there longer, but we were equally as impressed with the one in Spokane when we used that over Memorial Day weekend. The advantage there is that the dogs get more 1 on 1 attention with the trainers. But the advantage at the CdA one is that they have lots of friends to play with…either or, our dogs are happy when they get to go!

Ollie loves CDA Pet Resort by Suzie J. - April 20

Ollie, our 3-year-old Border Terrier, loves to go to the CDA Pet Resort! He has been a faithful regular at day care from age 12-weeks to present. Dave, Dawn and staff do a wonderful job looking after Ollie and all his friends in the little dog rec area. I know Ollie enjoys going to day care because he starts “singing” to me when were about a block away from the resort and announces his arrival to everyone as soon as he hits the front door! By the end of the day, Ollie is worn out and enjoys a nice long rest that night and well into the next day. Ollie is a better dog for the time hes spent with the other dogs and staff at the resort. I cant recommend them enough!

CDA Pet Resort is the Best! by Pat Krug - Feb 27

Sienna, my golden retriever is almost 15 years old. But when I bring her to the CdA Pet Resort, she perks up like a puppy, and best of all, when I return to take her home after a stay, she has been cared for with love, has been given all of her medications (8 every day)and she is happy and perky.
Sienna needs alot of sleep during the day, and her “brother” McGyver is very active so he goes to daycare often. His happy run to the door when I drop him off in the morning, and his sound sleep after I feed him dinner at home, makes me confident that my two Goldens are very lucky to have the CdA Pet Resort as their second home.

To Dave and Dawn and all the staff at CDA Pet Resort! Thank you the loving care you gave my dear Sienna. I know that I was blessed with extra time with her because of the special love all of you gave her when she came for daycare or boarding. One of my last wonderful memories I have of her is seeing her run across the room to welcome me home just a few weeks ago. I didnt want to leave her knowing my days with her were few and precious, but I had no choice and it was so good to come home to her happy & bouncing greeting. I know your days get very busy caring for for everyones special friends and want to thank you for all you do knowing there are probably many days when lunch is missed and breaks are few, but love for our puppy dogs is always abundant!

A place to leave your dogs & not worry... By JUDY - Mar 15

When we travel, it has always been a problem kenneling our dogs – Axl & Rebel. They are quite the homebodies & dont like being put in a cage all day when they are boarded. We discovered the CDA Pet Resort & it is the answer to everything. The dogs get to play with their friends all day long & they get to sleep together at night (which they couldnt do when boarded before). They absolutely love it there. When I am driving down the street to take them, Axl knows where he is & starts jumping around in the car because he is so excited to get there. They cannot get through the door fast enough. In the past, I used to have to drag them into the kennel. Dawn & Dave take really good care of them & go the extra mile whenever it is necessary. Everybody that works there loves the dogs & I never worry about them for a minute. It is such a relief to know that my kids are in such good hands. I would recommend CDA Pet Resort to anyone & if you dont go there – it is your loss. The dogs are also soooo tired when they come home & it is nice to have them sleep for a couple of days!! F & J Genetti

Day Care for our kid By jameyandbecky - Feb 20

We have been taken our Boxer, Cash, to the Pet Resort since he was just about 6 months old. He has spent afternoons, full days and even an 8 day stint – he loves every minute of it. The staff and facility both are top notch and we are completely comfortable leaving our boy with them. He comes back to us worn out, thankful and ready for a nap – sometimes a whole day nap he is so tired. In addition to the obvious, we feel The Pet Resort has been a great tool to round out the personality of our dog and provide him with the socialization so important in raising a healthy and happy dog. Cash is our “kid” and we feel comfortable recommending The Pet Resort to anyone looking for a safe, affordable and professional day care or pet boarding operation. Jamey and Becky Layman?

Thank goodness for doggie daycare!

By kobaltblu - Feb 19

The Coeur d Alene Pet Resort is wonderful! We have two high energy dogs we have been taking for about 2 years. Our dogs get so excited to go, they love it there. It is so nice for them to have somewhere they can play all day and come home tired and worn out. The staff is excellent and very friendly. We also board our dogs there whenever we go out of town. Our dogs are happy to go and it is a huge relief knowing they are being well cared for. Our Golden Retriever no longer ignores me for two days for leaving him. I recommend The Coeur d A’lene Pet Resort to everyone I know with dogs! It is a wonderful wonderful place! Terri
Best Money Ever Spent!!

all slots By Kimberly - Feb 10

We love the Coeur d Alene Pet Resort! When I went back to school, I didn’t want to leave my puppy locked up in his crate all day. The Pet Resort keeps him entertained and well socialized. When we pick him up he is always happy and not so hyper in the evenings at home. The staff is always friendly and grooming is a bonus!

Thank you again for your generosity By Ron and Addie Vergona

Dear Dave and Dawn,
Greta enjoyed her stay at the Coeur dAlene Pet Resort last week. She came home happy and exhausted. We feel fortunate that we found a caring and safe place to care for her not only when we are away but for doggie daycare when necessary.

It's worth every penny ever spent!!! by Sandy Campbell - July 20th

Dave and Dawn, I have to say that my girls Maddie and Maggie will get up in the morning and just stare at me and wait for me to say “who wants to go play with the puppies” and they jump around and cry and cant wait to get in the car. This has not always been the case once Maggie was attacked at a long stay at a day care and had to have two surgery to get the teeth out of her neck and we didnt even get a call anything had happened. I swear you guys are the best even when we bought our new little girl Athena (pit bull) you opened your arms up and have helped us with her getting social with our dogs and cats. I cant say enough any one that loves their dog need to take their dog to the CdA Pet Resort!!!! It is worth every cent spent!!! Thank you so much!!

They love him anyways By Sampson and Daisy's Mommy

A sure sign that our pets are well cared for is that our dogs run in the door every time. They are excited to be there and play. Dave and Dawn, the owners are particularly good to my boxer Sampson and take in stride all his little peculiarities and love him anyways. The rest of the staff is also excellent. My dogs lives are enriched by the opportunity to go there and play.

Coeur d'Alene Pet Resort to the Rescue by Sweety's Mom

Coeur DAlene Pet resort came to the rescue. We are from Canada and had to attend a trade show in Coeur DAlene. Our regular Pet Sitter at home cancelled at the last moment. I called a few pet sitters listed on line in the city. I was very apprehensive leaving my dog Sweetie with a stranger but after speaking with the owner I was reassured they would take good care of Sweetie. We were very happy with the care and attention Sweetie received at Coeur DAlene Pet Resort. The facility is spotlessly clean and they obviously care very much about the wellbeing of the pets in their care. Thank you and we will see you again next year.

CDA Pet Resort is Fantastic By Sara - Aug 12

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 CDA Pet Resort is Fantastic??. Our Sadie absolutely LOVES CDA Pet Resort. We actually have to spell doggie day care in her presence otherwise she goes nuts. It is immediately apparent that every one of the staff truly love their charges. They have as much fun as the dogs! And for boarding, you can feel very confident that your pet will be loved, well cared for and will probably sleep better than ever because they will have so much fun playing that they will be exhausted.
Join the Fun!!!

5 star rating by Theo

We used CDA Pet Resort so our dog could have a play date while we went to Silverwood. It was great for him to get some dog time as hed been cooped up with us in the car. We liked it so much we took him back the next day for a couple of hours while we went for a bike ride and lunch in CDA. He was dog-tired for the ride home. Perfect. Highly recommended.

By Rick & Gabriele Grover - November 14

Our boy Max, loves to come to Doggy Day Care, he knows when we are approx a block away where hes going and he cant wait to get inside and join the fun!!!

So glad we have this facility in our community. Keep up the good work.
Great Place!